The Laundress

By Jean-Baptiste Greuze ”[She]… is charming; but she’s a rascal I wouldn’t trust an inch.” -Denis Diderot to The Laundress             The Laundress is Jean-Baptiste Greuze’s picture of a rosy-cheeked girl laundering her… Continue reading

The Stolen Kiss by Fragonard

The painting we chose for our ID 14 painting was “The Stolen Kiss” by Jean Honoré Fragonard, a renowned French Rococo artist. It was done in 1778, with oil on canvass as the… Continue reading

Headless Roman Statues: A Co-incidence or an intentional feature

Looking at pictures from Roman sculptures, I noticed how most of it has either a missing head or a crack around the neck. Thinking about this, a lot of things come in my… Continue reading

The Buckingham Palace

      by Jhoanne Mariano (2009-21636)       The Buckingham Palace is the official London residence of the Britain monarchs since 1837. In present time, it serves as the administrative headquarters… Continue reading


Reichstag Germany has had a very interesting history in that at the beginning of the 19th Century, it was only a collection of principalities, kingdoms and states of which Prussia is the strongest.… Continue reading

The Timeless Masterpiece

by Nicole Ann R. Male 2011-56096 Time has been the witness of the grandeur and glory of that one enduring building in Rome that mirrors the greatness of the Roman civilization. Seemingly undaunted… Continue reading

Little Version from the Center of Christianity

By Ma. Cassandra Isturis, 2010-20405 Did you know that Saint Peter’s Basilica has the largest interior of any Catholic Church in the world? Because Vatican is where the aforementioned church is, there is no any… Continue reading

Marie Antoinette

BY: Renabelle U. Darjan – 201068206   France probably has one of the most interesting and colorful history from among other countries that I know of. Growing up in a democratic-ruled country, I… Continue reading

Happily Ever After in Belvoir Castle

by Reynalyn Joy Gonzales (2008-02374) Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a beautiful princess… Well, not exactly. That faraway land is actually Belvoir Valley in Leicestershire, England,… Continue reading

The Victors’ Insignia

If you are planning to take an expedition outside the country, you would probably consider Paris as one of your choices. Paris is the home of splendid spots like the Notre Dame Cathedral… Continue reading