Welcome, Students of ID14 Class THWX!

Good day!

I know that you are aware that our Professor in ID14, Ma’am Quevedo, gave us something to do. If you actually forgot about it, we are tasked to write an informative essay consisting of 800 words about a building or artwork that had existed from antiquity up to the 19th century. Despite being informative, ma’am said we could still include our own insights about the subject of the essay. She actually does not restricts us in including our personal notions, rather encourages us to do so. Just make sure that it doesn’t drowns down the factual information needed to support the interesting-ness of your subject. You can also include anecdotes about your subject. Discuss the character of the subject as a style and as a building/artwork. Questions such as Why was it built/made? For whom was it built/made? may help as you formulate your essay. Do not dwell too much on the architect or creator of the artwork. As much as possible, let someone copyread your article and have it read to different people for corrections on the spelling, grammar, etc. considering the fact that the other class and some upper class students will have access to this website containing all your written works with your name as the author of it.

Deadline of submissions will be on 13 March 2012, 1530, Tuesday.

If you are done with your article, kindly have it published in this online blog. Follow the steps provided below.

1) Sign in to our wordpress account. You can ask for the username and the password from Rain Darjan.

2) You are now on the blog’s Dashboard page. You can click Posts on the menu bar found on the left, then click Add Newon the drop down choices below it. (Shown on Figure 1.1)

Figure 1.1

Or you can go to the ID14Class button found on the upper right corner of this page and mouse-over then wait for the drop-down selection, select id14withmamquevedo, then click New Post from the selection that will appear on its left. (Shown on Figure 1.2)

Figure 1.2

NOTE: Select New Post NOT New Page.

3) You can now start writing down your essay here. Don’t forget to put the appropriate title. Check the spelling and grammar. đŸ˜‰

4) Click Publish on the right side of this page.

5) View your essay as a part of the blog.

Thank you!

P.S. If you want to change the username of this blog or the name of the site, please tell me (Rain) so I could make further improvements for the site.

God bless us all.