Our Take on “‘Martha and Mary Magdalene’ by Caravaggio”

Martha and Mary Magdalene

In our ID 14 class with Ma’am Quevedo, we were tasked to find a painting in either Baroque or Rococo style and ‘recreate’ it by dressing up and taking photographs of ourselves. We were allowed to post-process and edit our photos.

Our group used Caravaggio’s Martha and Mary Magdalene.

Here are some tidbits about the painting:

  • c.1598
  • Oil and tempera on canvas
  • Also known as “Martha Reproving Mary” and “The Conversion of the Magdalene”.
  • The title is wrong – the painting is supposed to be of the sisters Mary and Martha from the New Testament but people often confused Mary with Mary Magdalene.
The painting is currently in the possession of the Detroit Institute of Arts.
Official information about the painting can be found here.
– Angeli Antonio, Bighani Minimo, Carla Ramos and Rica Tai.