The Three Muses

GROUP MEMBERS: Darjan | Figueras | Gatus | Male | Mingo

Our group chose to do the painting about the The Three Muses by the French Baroque painter, Eustache Le Sueur. Considering the fact that there are five of us, we planned to have all of us taken in the revival of the Baroque painting through modern day’s photography. However, we couldn’t find a good painting that will cater all of us and show some essential landscape or interior details of the the painting’s period. We were choosing between this painting and another two which has an interior setting. Looking for a place to shoot the painting in an interior setting became too difficult for us that’s why we decided to have this painting.

We utilized the woody area in the academic oval passing through the Beta Sigma Way. Looking for a similar looking tree is a challenge. We were not able to achieve full likeness of the landscape just like in the painting. The costumes for this painting is also easier to look for compared to the other two. For our costumes, we only used excess cloth cuttings from Cara’s. We took many shots for the painting and tried to choose which one is the best.

The painting was created by Monsieur Le Sueur in the year 1652. It was said that the women in this painting are the Greek goddesses Clio, Euterpe and Thalia. They are three of the nine muses who were daughters of Zeus. Each muse represents a different art. Clio (the one on the leftmost), holding a book on the right side in the painting, is the muse representative of history. The muse next to her, Thalia, holding a theatrical comedy mask represents comedy, and Euterpe which is on the rightmost playing the flute, represents music. The scene is said to depic both realist and intimate. How the muses are painted here are the poses that were always associated with them.

Three Muses: Clio, Euterpe and Thalia by Le Sueur