The Magdalene with the Smoking Flame

The Magdalene with the Smoking Flame
painting by Georges dela Tour

Enatsu, Hiroe
Isturis, Ma. Cassandra
Manguray, Alarice
Razon, Jehna
Tan, Charmine

Georges dela Tour– his works could be said to have been influenced by the Council of Trent’s decisions. One of the goals of the Council of Trent was to enforce the use of art to teach religious stories and virtues.

Magdelene, a character from the Bible, sits in solitude, gazing into a simple flame lamp. She seems to be contemplating something, but we the viewers may never know what. She represents the Church as Bride and was recognized as the model for “ekklesia” by the early Christian fathers.

This is our group’s replica of The Magdalene with the Smoking Flame. Our second photoshoot, this was done in the underground hallways of the College of Architecture’s main building at night, till about 8:30 pm. The lighting we used was that of candle light only. But we did some post-processing to get the shadows even more correctly using photoshop. What creeped most of us out was that we had to turn off the lights knowing that there was a gaping hole on the wall near the CAD labs and the unknown staircase behind. It worked out in the end though, after some seriousness. 🙂


Presenting…Louise de Broglie, Countess d’Haussonvill! This was our first photoshoot of a painting we searched under “Baroque”, but ended up being from the Neoclassical period, it seemed.  So there’re no edits done one this picture yet! Well, enjoy it for what it is! 🙂

Louise de Broglie, Countess d'Haussonvill by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres