The Stolen Kiss by Fragonard

The painting we chose for our ID 14 painting was “The Stolen Kiss” by Jean Honoré Fragonard, a renowned French Rococo artist. It was done in 1778, with oil on canvass as the medium. The painting is currently in display in Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg in Russia.

The painting tells of a story about two young ones in love, with the boy kissing and ‘tempting’ the girl to join him, with the girl torn whether to succumb to his pleas, or not. The girl has to make a choice of her dilemma. The painting displays a challenge to the morals of the society back then.

The setting is very important to correctly display the story. The girl is between two doors, one of which the boy emerges, and another which leads to another room where three matronly women are sitting. The girl is in between the doors, symbolizing her situation of being caught in between. The interiors also show the extravagance of the lives of the rich back then, way before the French Revolution (which pretty much ended Fragonard’s career in painitng).

And, this is our final product. For the two doors, the curtains and cloths, the carpet and the paintings were depicted. To make it look like the actual painting, the painting was darkened and tweaked. The poses the models did were also carefully directed in order for us to show the painting’s message.


Fajardo, Joshua
Mariano, Jhoanne
Rabino, Kathlene
Robles, Ma. Erissa
Tan, Anna