The Sun, the Moon and the Eleven Stars – Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night

by Erissa Robles, 2010-21894 Advertisements

Myeongdong Cathedral

By Anna Nazharina P. Tan Are you familiar with Go Mi Nam and Hwang Tae Kyung? For the Korean drama fanatics out there, you may already know what drama I am talking about.… Continue reading

The Mona Lisa of the North

Courtney Gatus 11-16871          The Mona Lisa, which is, no doubt, the best known, most parodied painting on the planet, reached its overwhelming stature because of the mysterious subject (traditionally believed… Continue reading

The Original Big Ben

  Whenever we think of London, we’re probably thinking of that tall clock tower we all know as the ‘Big Ben’. But it may be a surprise to some of you, that the… Continue reading

Pride and Prejudice….And Enchanted Forests.

By Talitha Andrea Buizon Pride and Prejudice – a classic love story that seeks to depict the irony of the saying, “the more you love, the more you hate,” and how two individuals… Continue reading

Palazzo Comunale: A Piece in the Twilight Phenomenon

By: Barbra Sy, 2011-14276 To most people, Palazzo Comunale may just be another historical building in Italy, but to the eyes of the fans of the best selling book series, Twilight, around the… Continue reading

A triumphal History of the Love City – Arc de Triomphe

By Kim Sarah C. Manso (2010-18793) Standing majestically at the center of the most famous avenue in Paris called Place Charles de Gaulle, is one of the well-known and adorned historical structures in… Continue reading

Apollo and Daphne: Love in Vain

An art analysis by Nasstasha Cara Figueras            ‘He saw her eyes bright as stars; he saw her lips, and was not satisfied with only seeing them.He admired her… Continue reading

When in Rome: visit the St. Peter’s Basilica!

                          By: Ramos, Carla Evita O. (2011-78902) St. Peter’s Basilica, this is the first setting of the movie “Angels and Demons”. The movie showed the death of the pope, and the breaking of… Continue reading

The Three Muses

GROUP MEMBERS: Darjan | Figueras | Gatus | Male | Mingo Our group chose to do the painting about the The Three Muses by the French Baroque painter, Eustache Le Sueur. Considering the… Continue reading